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I'm New

Thinking of joining us at the Grassy Pond Baptist Church? Please do – we’d love to meet you!
We’re located at 254 Grassy Pond Road in Gaffney. If you need directions, you will find a map on our Contact page.

We meet for Sunday worship at 10:45AM during most of the year.
We have created some pages to address some common areas of concern that people sometimes have – accessibility, communion, and children.

Feel free to read one or all of these pages, but we can sum it up briefly – YOU are welcome here. Come as you are.


Sunday School: 9:45AM
Morning Worship: 10:45AM
Evening Service: 6:30PM


Kid's Choir - 5:45PM
Bible Study - 6:00PM
Youth/Mission Org - 6:30PM
Choir Rehearsal - 6:30PM

Where should I park? 

Parking is available on all sides of the church. If you have mobility issues or young children, please feel free to park in the spots closest to the door; otherwise, please park a bit further, to ensure that all who would like to attend can do so.

Who is welcome to worship here? 

Everyone is always welcome to join us for worship.

What denomination is Grassy Pond Baptist Church? 

We are a part of the Southern Baptist Convention. For details on who we are and where we are going – come visit us!

How do I know what’s going on during the service? 

When you enter the church, the ushers will hand you a bulletin, which lists the order of worship for that service. It contains the list of numbers for the hymns that we will be singing. You will find most of the hymns in the hymnals in the pew racks. If you come without a Bible and want to follow along, there are some available in the pew racks.

What should I do with my children? 

Children are welcome! Click on the “Children in Church” tab for answers to some of the questions you may have about the ways that you and your child(ren) can participate.

Accessibility for all people is very important for us at Grassy Pond Baptist Church.

In order to be able to welcome all visitors, we have the following:

  • A ramp located at the front of the church, at the main entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible isles


When parking, please feel free to park as close to the entrance as you can, or in the spots nearest the door in the parking lot. We have asked our members to leave the spots closest to the church available for those with mobility issues and/or young children. Please ask an usher for any assistance you may need before, during, or after the service.


Children ages 4 years through 2nd grade are invited to attend Children's Church, where there is a volunteer to teach the children of God's Word. If you are more comfortable, you may stay there as well. The nursery is open for the entire service, so you can choose whether you would like your child to spend part of the service with you, or spend the service in the nursery. Older children can stay in worship, or can go to Sunday School when the children leave after the “Time for God’s Children.”

Where things are

  • There are eight restrooms in the church building; 4 Women's and 4 Men's.
  • The nursery is located on the bottom level. Ask an usher or anyone else for directions. It’s not far from the sanctuary, just easier to show than to describe!

What is The Lord's Supper?

The Lord's Supper is an ancient Christian tradition which was taught to us by Jesus Christ during what is called the “Last Supper.” It is a reminder, a present reality and a “foretaste of the heavenly banquet.” It is first a reminder of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The breaking of the bread and the pouring of the cup are physical symbols of Christ’s death on the cross. It is next a present reality because the Church participates in the earthly act of eating a communal meal together. As the bread and wine are consumed in fellowship, the human body is strengthened and along with it the Church. Lastly, it is but a small taste of the “banquet” that awaits us at the end of time. As we live in this world, The Lord's Supper anticipates a future time of peace and life everlasting.

When do we celebrate The Lord's Supper?

Generally, we celebrate communion once a quarter. We also celebrate it at other times of the year such as on Christmas Eve and on Easter Sunday.

What actions comprise this sacrament?

Following Christ’s example, the minister serving The Lord's Supper takes bread and wine (we use grape juice), gives thanks for them, breaks the bread, pours the wine, and gives them to the people. The people then eat and drink.

What are the The Lord's Supper elements?

We generally use a loaf of plain bread, cutting some into cubes and leaving some intact. The “wine” that we use is non-alcoholic grape juice. If you are unable to eat these elements or choose not to please speak with the pastor about alternatives.

Who may take part in the Lord’s Supper?

The invitation to the Lord’s Supper is extended to all who seek a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What other actions take place as the people eat and drink?

Songs are sung by the choir and congregation, music is played, and periods of silence are kept. You are invited to take part in all these forms of communal prayer, and to pray individually.